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GS1_106N0 (2G+16G) - Beelink - 24-01-2018

Hi dear friend , here comes the firmware for GS1_106N0 !

Current version : GS1_106N0
Based on : GS1_104N0/GS1_105N0

USB  zip :(update_GS1_106N0.img):

SD card zip : (

usb burning tool :

Improvement :

     1. The google play store comes back to normal .

     2. OTA has been available for you .

PS :Now you can update from the GS1 101N0 to GS1 106N0 with SD card also .  [Imagen: loveliness.gif]

USB updating :

1. Install the allwinner USB burning tool first ;
2. Click the PhoenixUSBPro.exe in your desktop and run it ;
3. Click the upper left button to load the firmware file from your pc ;
4. Click the lunch button on this interface ;

5. Hold the reset hole and then connect with the computer and tv box , you should keep in mind that the USB2.0 is used for updating but USB3.0 . after that , it is a  recognization sign that the red X ( upper right corner)turns green .
6. Finish this updating .

SD card updating :

1. copy this file ( to your TF card or U-disk and then insert the TV box ;
2. go in the setting  > click the option of "about the media"  >  choose the first option > choose file > load the ;
3. the systen will recognize this update zip automatically when you run it well and then shut down to go in the update mode , you need to make sure that Power 
   supply must be firmly good enough to finish this updating , power outages would contribute to a failure .

you can contact with me if you meet some problems .
email : / skype : +86 18772960513