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A1 709NO 4G+16G / 32 G 0127 - Beelink - 02-02-2018

Current version :A1_709N0_20180127
Based on :A1_709N0
Android version :7.1.2
Fits for:
 RK3328 DDR4/DDR3/LPDDR3 4G+16G / 32 G

USB zip :

SD zip :


    1. The status of navigation bar can be saved now .
    2. Both the 12-hour and 24-hour display can be available for you .
    3. You can choose the proper language by going into the settings freely.
    4. We open the root authority for you and then you can choose the unroot firmware or root firmware as you like now ,

         some steps as follows ,

[Imagen: image.png]
[Imagen: image.png]


    5. Some shortcuts have been added to remote for popular demands , as the picture shows,

        [Imagen: entry.jpg]
        [Imagen: shortcuts.jpg]

    6. The OTA news from 70xN0 to 709N0 _0127 has been sent to your tv box already .

Some tips for updating :

1. USB updating :

1) Install the DriverAssitant_v4.5 first and double click the DriverInstall.exe , then you need to choose the "install the driver"option to finish this installation ;
2) Open the USB bunning tool which is named FactoryTool-v1.43e and then double click the FactoryTool.exe ,now it's time to click the "firmware"to load it well .
3) Click the "start" and hold the reset button still to connect the double USB cable , then you can take it easy to wait for the updating . 

2.SD updating :

1) Format your sd card with the FAT32 fromating style . and then you need to copy the file to the root of the SD card ;
2) Insert the sd card to the port ;
3) Wait for the updating pop news and choose the update option . you need to make sure that Power supply must be firmly good enough to finish this updating , power outages would contribute to a failure .

you can contact with me if you meet some problems .

email : / skype : +86 18772960513