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【promotion】Beelink Big Promotions-Christmas day (Amazon-US) - Beelink - 13-12-2018

[Imagen: 184447jeo8e3wmspq63wqm.jpg]

The countdown to the Christmas gift is in progress! It's time to check out the best Christmas gift ideas in the list and start packing. Beelink can be your one-stop shopping destination for 2018 holiday gift needs.

The last minute shoppers are saved in Beelink Amazon-USA. From 12.10 to 12.30, the price of all our MINI PCs and TV BOXes has been reduced by a maximum of $18. We just received the latest batch of MiNi PCs and TV BOX this year Hurry and choose the best product!

Time: 2018-12-10 2018-12-31 (US time)
Location: Amazon US Station

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