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Get free from GT-King Pro - Joaquin - 27-09-2019

Thank you for your interest in the Beelink brand and like the Beelink product.

At the end of this month, we launched the upgraded version of GT-King Pro GT-King Pro, full metal case, support Dolby and DTS sound effects and HIFI lossless music, can form 7.1 or 5.1, enjoy the immersive sound, can also pass the headphones Enjoy the lossless sound quality, up to 600 euros large resistance headphones, give your ears a different experience.

More details can be found at

In order to celebrate the birth of GT-King Pro, we decided to let some lucky users enjoy this product first. If you are a music or audiophile, you have a certain pursuit of sound quality and sound effects. Have experience in setting up a home theater, please Share your experience below this post, you can talk about the equipment you have or used, the difficulties encountered in setting up the whole set of equipment, and how to solve this problem, we will pick the wonderful experience shared, and send a GT-King Pro for free. 4+64GB version.

[Imagen: Beelink-GT-King-PRO.jpg]
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In addition, we are looking for testers of the 2019 Beelink product to test our new Beelink X55 and Beelink X45. If you are interested in our mini PC, please contact us at the email address. We will select 50 in Europe, 20 in the US, and 10 lucky users in Canada as testers for new products. We will offer you a great deal of value between $80 and $120 and hope that you will be one of them.

Contact email:
Amazon Gemini X55 8+256G
If you want to order our machines in bulk or become a Beelink distributor,  please contact our Foreign trade sales as follow. We will offer discounts and customized services.

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For more information, please pay attention to Beelink's official website!