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Gana un Beelink GS-King X - Joaquin - 12-06-2020

Get GS-King X for free
Easy to record every bits of your life,and look back at those beautiful moments!

We launched the new product GS-King X. GS-King X is a two-in-one product of TV BOX and NAS equipment. It is very convenient to use. For details, please check the link below.


In order to thank everyone for their long-term support for Beelink, we will hold a GS-King X lottery. We will draw five lucky users and give away one GS-King X for free.
The conditions for participating in the draw are as follows:
1. Send a photo on your personal homepage that makes you feel good and @Beelink (platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
2. From June 15th, 2020 to June 19th, 2020, please like + comment and forward to your homepage, then @five good friends

The list of five lucky winners will be randomly selected starting from the second day of the event. A winning person will be announced every day. We will post @this lucky user in the post of the next day.

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