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Beelink S2, más información sobre este nuevo mini PC
A smart mini computer with Intel Gemini Lake for work, gaming and entertainment.
It is an optimal mini PC that can be used for everyday office, games, and home entertainment. It is equipped with the win10 system and has the relevant system activation code. Its name is S2. It is a miniPC under the Beelink brand. He is the next generation of S1.
It will be equipped with a Gemini Lake processor, the Gemini N4100 quad-core, and features similar to the S1 version: SATA trays can be used for additional storage of 2.5-inch hard disks and M.2 SSDs, via Microsoft Cortana's voice control function and wall-mounted Designing Apollo Lake in S1 configuration, the advantages of S2 in performance are very obvious.

[Imagen: beelink-s2-01-pre.jpg]

[Imagen: beelink-s2-02-pre.jpg]

[Imagen: beelink-s2-03-pre.jpg]

S2 uses Gemini Lake N4100 while S1 uses apollo lake N3450. Compared to cpu performance, S2 is 2.4Hz, S1 is 2.2Hz, and S2 secondary cache is also superior to apollo lake N3450.
In the second-level cache, N3450 total 2M, 1M dual channel, does not support dynamic application management. For the N4100, the L2 cache is much stronger than the S1. The N4100 uses a 4M dual channel 2M each and supports dynamic application management.
In terms of memory, S2 uses DDR4 memory type, while S1 uses DDR3 memory type, DDR3 maximum frequency DDR3 1866MHz, DDR4 maximum frequency 2400MHz, DDR4 supports secondary cache: 4M total, dual-channel each 2M, supports dynamic application management.
If one of the customers' memory is not installed, the system will automatically use all 4M caches for one of the memory to improve performance.
he basic parameters of 2 are as follows:
CPU: Gemini Lake N4100 quad-core
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 600
Memory: 4GB / 8GB DDR4
Storage: 32GB / 64GB eMMC Flash
Connectivity: 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band wireless 2.4G + 5.8G, 1000Mbps LAN, Bluetooth 4.0
I/O ports: 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI output, MIC, SATA, TF card reader, Type-C port, RJ45 LAN 1000M, DC12V

[Imagen: beelink-s2-04a-pre.jpg]

[Imagen: beelink-s2-07-pre.jpg]

What kind of work can S2 do specifically? I would like to introduce the functional uses of S2 through the following points.
What kind of work can S2 do specifically? I want to introduce the features and uses of S2 through the following points.
First of all it is a multi-purpose MINIPC, and it is a very powerful MINIPC. It can install kodi and other streaming media players, it can play high-definition video, because he has two 2.0 HDMI interface, can make video playback to 4K 60hz smooth effect.
Replaced the old S1 VGA port, because the VGA port can only achieve high-definition 2K playback.

[Imagen: beelink-s2-05-pre.jpg]

Second, he can achieve daily office needs. He can handle all kinds of text information and can handle tabular data. This is a very ideal office computer, and it is very quiet and will not affect your office environment. This is thanks to the heat sink inside the fuselage instead of using cool fans.
In addition,  like to play games can also use it to play some games, such as greedy snakes, I think he can still meet the needs of ordinary users in the game. The computer runs very smoothly and the game page is very clear.

[Imagen: beelink-s2-06-pre.jpg]

Indeed, this is a full-featured office-ready MINIPC for home entertainment. We will be launching our new product S2 next month. Before that, we also held Global Resources Customer Electronic Products in Hong Kong.
At the exhibition, we exhibited our latest product S2. At the same time, S2 received a lot of praise. Many customers rated S2 very high and we very much looking forward to the launch of new products in May.

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