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Nueva community edition 2.20 Ota y flash
Cita:MINIX Forum "Community Edition" Kitkat 4.4.2 for X7

For everyone that has installed "Community Edition 2.1.0";
- You will recieve an OTA opdate automaticly.
- You dont have to flash anything, just wait till the update screen shows.

For everyone that does not have "Community Edition 2.1.0" installed;
- You need to manualy flash this firmware with the USB Flashtool
- All the tools will be provided in the download .rar file.

Note available YET.
This topic is allready created for release, please be patiant.

The future of CE;
This is not realy a CE release anymore.
This firmware is build as an "Official MINIX" release, so it has all proper MINIX logo's and background.
The reason we release it under "custom roms" is beqause MINIX has to approve it first.
Hopefully we can copy this topic to Official section soon. ( or we might do that on next release )

Changelog (2.2.0);
- Huge HLS revision
- Camera brightness/saturation fix
- TCP buffer adjusted
- Network fixes
- Powermenu, removed power off.
- HDMI changes
- MINIX Official build
- Finisched X7mini branche ( currently available: X7,X7mini)
- Preporations for X5 serie branches for future builds
- rk3066 random mac fix

Old Changelog (2.1.0)

- sleep suspend fixed( wakeup from USB Remotes / IR remote / Powerbutton )
- fully renewed audio bitstream system + audio input fix ( show usb audio input devices )
- Screen settings all on one page
- aditional VPN/networking config ( IPIP,L2TP,PPP )
- removed PIN for VPN settings
- VPN wifi hotspot fix
- Removed google searchbar from desktop
- long press menukey to hide/unhide systembar
- update drivers for future X5 branch
- recovery show UI + Null pointer fix
- USB storrage announcements framework renewed
- wifidisplay / miracast HDCP key integration ( not functional yet )
- libffmpeg and RKffplayer updated to version 8-12
- fixed RKexplore app
- fixed WifiDisplay app
- Small HLS fix ( not much yet )
- Updated Gapps ( Google Apps )
- Google sync issues fixed
- New kernel logo / bootanimation ( add KAR )
- a few others

Old Changelog (2.0.0);
- recovery/OTA fix
- static ip bug fix
- video player/hls fixes
- security vulnarability fixes
- init.d support
- camera brightness fix
- freeze after uninstall app fix
- HDMI patch for DRM apps
- DDR optimalisation ( not overclock )
- Multi user support ( not fully working yet )
- Dual input devices frees/crash fix.
- new kernel logo
- etc.

Download link:

(You need to use RK flashtool, do not try to flash it like an OTA !)

Available Updates:
Kitkat CE - root update
Kitkat CE - unroot update

To install the available updates (this is not for the Firmware!) rename the downloaded file to and place at the internal flash drive root or USB stick root, android will find the update and request you to install.

From the MINIX Forum Developers Team;

Also thanks to the MINIX Engineers, without them we would not come this far!

Last edited: Today at 6:17 PM
HardwareGuruToday at 1:09 AM
Gracias por el aviso gispi....

Yo no se si eso de HDMI changes hará que no sufra del flickering, tendré que darle una última oportunidad al KitKat y falshearla a ver si no se produce, pero es que me da cierta vagueria falshear otra vez KitKat porque cuando vuelvo a JB sufro ciertos temores de que se brickee aunque ya lo he hecho tres veces y no ha habido problema. Como no tengo prisa y no soy el único que lo sufre esperaré unos días a ver que comenta la gente en el tema del y si eso ya me lanzo ...
Yo tengo la anterior y me va muy bien... Para el upgrade solo tengo una duda... Aunque parezca una tontería...
En el changelog pone. 

Powermenu, removed power off.

Como se apaga el cacharrito entonces?  

Ojo con esta actualización el Yomvi deja de funcionar. Yo le he tenido que deshacer y quedarme con la anterior.


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