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Ayuda para poner CWM en chipset A20
Edito porque parece que el sitio ya está funcionando de nuevo.......
De todos modos dejo la info por si le sirve a alguien más.
Yo todavía no lo probé, cuando lo haga comento como me fue. 

Instalar CWM en un A20
Cita:How to Install CWM for the A20

First you will need the 10 Partition CWM , it is located Here : CWM for the A20 10 Partition

or the 11 Partition CWM (For ROM's with 3.4.39+ Kernel) located here :

Ensure that USB Debug is enabled on the Tab and that the Tab is Rooted. 
Verify that you have a 10 Partition version of Android, to do this do the following from a command
window in the folder where you extracted the CWM for A20 :

adb shell cat /proc/partitions

If the highest nand letter is j then it is 10 Partition, if k it is 11 Partition and if it is i it is 9 partition

Use this CWM Only if you have a 10 Partition version of android, if your version is other than that 
this will not work.

NOTE: If you have a version other than the 10 Partition contact fsebentley via the CWM For the A20 10 Partition
in Roms section and I will see if I can make one for your Partitioning scheme.

In order to install it there is an included "Install CWM Recovery.bat" Execute this to install CWM
also it will Back-up your original Recovery.img as well as your boot.img and Bootloader.img to a new
folder called backup under the CWM for A20 Tabs folder.

In Order to revert to the Original Recovery there is an included "Restore Original Recovery.bat"
Execute the .bat file and it will restore your previously backed-up Recovery.img located in the 
backup folder.

If you have Problems with the above First insure that your Tab is Rooted, see this to root your Tab :
A20 EASY ROOT METHOD -- Uberizer [Imagen: grin.png]

You must also have ADB Active in your Tablet settings. This is found under Developer Options / USB Debug
USB Debug Must be active.

You Must also have the Android Drivers installed on your PC they can be found here:
Download\Android Drivers

If you Know that your Tab is rooted and USB Debugging is active then you should be able to install the 
CWM using the included Installer as described above.

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