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AZW Now Focus On The Depth Analyzation On Mini PC---Z83II
Several months ago, we have simply introduced our AZW intel mini pc Z83II.  From now on, we will offer more and more information for our users.
At first, let's start from the PCBA ( It will be our first regular step  Risitas )

[Imagen: 19989721_112685012707787_260301507549386...9922ef8d18]

[Imagen: 20108168_112684969374458_366337563950619...e=59F8AFCA]

1, Item 4 and item 7 are ESD components which could prevent the Mini PC from external objects static.

2, Item 5 is USB3.0. Among other improvements, USB 3.0 adds the new transfer rate referred to as SuperSpeed USB (SS) that can transfer data at up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s), which is about ten times as fast as the USB 2.0 standard. For example, you can transfer 1GB files to a other server in 15s via USB3.0, while 45s via USB2.0.
3, igabit 1000M driver is 1000Mb / s max in transmissing.
4, Item 6 is DC/DC and item 10 is a PMU, both of the two could manage power very well, the device would be much more stable if we add these circuits. We can have a new topic about PMU and DC/DC if your guys have interests.
5, Item 11 is a BIOS module, it mainly used for save BIOS programs.
6, Item 12 is shielding case. Its used for preventing components on PCB from external interferences. Most cheap TV box and Mini PC without this case.
7, Item 13 is a small battery, its used for keeping time correct when device power off.

There are some cheap electronic products in the market, to be honest, IC is the most valuable part on PCBA, if someone offers a very low price, youd better check IC carefully if this case is very important to you.

It is late in China , let's stop here. I will keep in update more frequently. 
Corrections are welcomed in the comment section. Amor

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